Benefits of persimmon for diabetics

Benefits of persimmon for diabetics


Many of us love persimmon because of its delicious taste in addition to its various nutritional benefits, but what about the benefits of persimmon for diabetics ? In this article, we will talk about the possibility of eating persimmon for diabetics, its nutritional value and its various benefits on the health of the body.

The nutritional value of persimmons

In addition to the fact that persimmon is a delicious fruit with a distinctive taste, it is also rich in nutrients, including various vitamins and minerals, which makes it a highly nutritious fruit, in addition to its high fiber content, which plays an important role. An important role in facilitating digestion and improving bowel movement. Below is a table of the most important nutrients contained in 100 grams of persimmon fruit:

NutrientsNutritional quantity
water64 grams
Calories127 calories
protein0.8 g
Calcium27 mg
potassium310 mg
phosphorous26 mg
iron2.5 mg
Vitamin C66 mg
sodium1 milligram

Benefits of persimmon for diabetics

From the above table, you will understand, dear reader, that persimmons are high in nutritional value, but on the other hand they also contain a high content of sugar, so this fruit increases blood sugar levels and thus increases blood sugar levels. Consult a doctor before taking it, take it if you have diabetes or if you take it carefully and without extravagance to avoid high blood sugar levels.

Benefits of persimmon for the health of the body

Thanks to the many nutrients that persimmon contains, it provides many health benefits to the body, and some of these benefits are detailed below:

Strengthening the immune system

Persimmon is one of the most effective fruits in increasing the effectiveness of the immune system in diseases, as it contains vitamin C, which improves the functions of the immune system and white blood cells to counteract bacterial or viral infections, because only one fruit of this fruit contains vitamin C – a proportion covering 80% of the body’s daily needs.

improve metabolism

Persimmons contain vitamin B6 and folic acid as well as vitamin B1 which makes them an ideal fruit for improving metabolism and energy production as these vitamins work with enzymes in the body to convert food into energy for the body to use in vital processes.

Reduce high blood pressure

The antihypertensive benefits of persimmon are due to the fact that it contains a good amount of potassium, which plays a key role in lowering blood pressure and maintaining salt levels in the body, as well as improving blood flow in the blood vessels. This goes a long way toward lowering high blood pressure and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

cancer screening

Despite the small size of this fruit, it is rich in antioxidants that play a key role in preventing healthy body cells from turning into cancerous cells by limiting damage to chemical reactions caused by free radicals, a major contributor to cancer, and persimmon also contains On Vitamin C in addition. to the antioxidant vitamin A, both of which play a key role in cancer prevention.

After you got to know us, dear reader , the benefits of persimmon for diabetics, and because of the high nutritional value, we advise you to refrain from eating persimmons if your blood sugar level is unstable, for your personal safety, before regulating your blood sugar level and consulting your doctor.


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