The multiple benefits of iodine for the body.. Symptoms of iodine deficiency and an important alert

The multiple benefits of iodine for the body.. Symptoms of iodine deficiency and an important alert


Iodine is an important element for normal body growth. About 60% of the iodine in the human body is stored in the thyroid gland and its health benefits play a very important role in the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, which secretes hormones that control metabolism. The benefits of iodine for the body in detail? And how does it help in performing the many functions related to thyroid hormones? What are the symptoms of iodine deficiency in the body? This is what we will find out in this article, dear reader, follow us.

What are the symptoms of iodine deficiency?

Iodine deficiency can have serious effects on the body. Symptoms of iodine deficiency in the body include:

  • Depression and frustration.
  • Poor level of cognition and learning.
  • Abnormal weight gain.
  • Goiter.
  • low fertility
  • Roughness and scaling of the skin.
  • Fatigue and constipation during pregnancy .
  • Mental retardation and physical abnormalities of fetuses in severe cases.

The benefits of iodine for the body

The health benefits of iodine for the whole body include:

Regulating metabolism

Iodine affects the functioning of the thyroid gland by aiding in the production of hormones that are directly responsible for controlling the body’s basic metabolic rate. Metabolism affects the function of organs and regular processes such as the sleep cycle, the intake of food, and its conversion into energy.

improve energy

Iodine plays an important role in maintaining optimal energy levels for the body by ensuring the efficient use of calories without them accumulating as excess fat.

Avoid stillbirth

Adequate iodine intake for pregnant women is important in order to prevent stillbirths or neurocognitive diseases in the newborn. Iodine ensures the correct movement and development of the child as well as speech and hearing.

Strengthening the immune system

Iodine stimulates and increases the activity of antioxidants throughout the body to provide an effective defense against various diseases, including heart disease and cancer.

Hypothyroidism prevention

Hypothyroidism leads to a general slowing down of all bodily processes because the chemical balance in the body is derailed .


cancer screening

Perhaps the most important health benefit of iodine is its anti-cancer component. Studies have shown that cancer cells shrink after an injection of iodine and are sometimes replaced by healthy cells. The exact mechanism of this process is still unknown, but studies have shown this positive relationship.

important warning

Exceeding the dose of iodine above 2000 mg is dangerous, especially for people with kidney disease or tuberculosis, as it can lead to thyroid cancer rather than prevent it, and pregnant and breastfeeding women should take care to increase the dose carefully.



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