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types of hair color

types of hair color


36 Natural Brown Hair Beautiful hair tones brighten the face and make it look younger.

Brown hair is a beautiful and suitable hair color for Asians. Because it is close to the original hair color  and it is mostly black when I dye my hair brown it will still look toned and have a high naturalness. Which also helps to lighten the face and make it look younger as well
Choosing a brown hair dye  can also be divided into many shades, whether it is a natural brown color . dark brown chocolate brown dark brown including light brown such as brown blonde and various sparkling brown it can be said that there are many shades to choose from. No matter the number of rounds in each round, boredom is rareHowever,  choose a brown that matches your skin tone. It will help girls looks much better, mainly medium brown, light brown, golden brown and caramel color is suitable for people with dark skin or two-tone skin because it does not make the skin darker than before. But it will push the skin to look smoother and more attractive

types of hair color
types of hair color

As for people with yellowish-white skin, in order  not to look pale, light brown tones should be chosen  such as reddish brown, mahogany brown, etc., because these tones contain red pigments. So it will help add color to make the skin look brighter

For people with white and pink skin You can use any shade of brown from light to dark. But if you choose a slightly darker shade, such as dark brown, chocolate, coffee, mocha hair. It will make white skin look pink and sweet. And have skin that looks plump, beautiful, and healthy

Golden brown hair

Golden brown hair classified in light brown hair. This color will make your complexion look brighter. And it gives a beautiful and sweet appearance, as it is a suitable hair color for white to dark skin, and dark skin 

Brown hair

Dark brown hair, coffee hair color, or mocha hair color go well with long curly hair. Get sexy look mysterious look

brown mahogany;

Mahogany brown auburn shades that help push the complexion of girls. To look bright and glowing, it is suitable for both white and dark-skinned women, and light-colored hair looks shiny. It also makes you look thicker, too. Therefore, it is suitable for girls with fine hair or thin hair as well. Credit: 

Brown milk chocolate

types of hair color
types of hair color

Brown milk chocolate helps the face to appear softer, suitable for girls with a square face frame or similar to a fierce face, and light curls help you appear softer and more radiant. Chocolate brown hair It also helps push the skin into the areola formation. It looks brighter.

Cinnamon brown

Cinnamon brown or cinnamon brown is dark brown with a reddish tinge. It looks natural. It is also a brown color that makes it look cute and youthful. Pairing it with naturally curly hair helps in making the face look younger too.

Light brown golden

types of hair color
types of hair color

A beautiful hair color that brightens the face. Look at the halo with another color, which is light brown with golden sparkles. Which, although it is in the light brown variety but still maintains its naturalness. The luster of gold will reflect clearly when exposed to light or sunlight. Help make the face look brighter. Suitable for girls with white, yellow and dark skin.

Natural brown hair with subtle highlights.

Light brown hair highlights help add dimension to your hairdo. If you have dark brown hair with thin locks. All over the head and surrounding the face help create dimension to the hair and create a face frame that is sharp and dark. The face looks slimmer easily. Including adding brightness to the face, not too dull Credit: yuya__hair

If you choose to dye your hair light brown. Add hints of lighter structure to the hair. Helps make hair look dimensional, suitable for girls with thinning hair and flat hair.

dark brown brunette

Dark brown with a brunet tone. Sepia or dark brown is a darker color than normal brown. Suitable for both girls White skin on dark skin girls Helps push whiteness to the face. But not too pale and also suitable for people with very thick and black hair. Help adjust the look to look softer. But I’m still groomed and looks like a natural hair color.

Dark brown almost black

For girls with long black hair and big strands. Sometimes it can make the face look meaner than it needs to be. To lighten the hair color a bit but still a dark brown shade, almost black. (But when reflecting sunlight or lights, it will appear a net brown.) This tone will make your face look fresher and smoother. While still being natural and polite. Suitable for all occasions 

Dark brown golden

types of hair color
types of hair color

Dark golden brown The dark hair shade conceals the softness of a golden glow. When exposed to sunlight or light, you will see the golden color that flows on the hair. It gives your hair more depth and makes your face look softer than dark black hair. Suitable for all face shapes and all skin tones, making the face look brighter. And stand out more

Brown Bambi Brown

light brown, bambi brown or deer brown. It’s the tone that was made. Help push skin to look white and radiant. It adds distinction to the personality

Brown milk tea

Milk tea brown hair It is a light brown tone. Gives a soft, subtle feel If you want your hair to look more dimensional hair highlighting techniques can be used. Make dark hair or use the balayage technique to color the hair.

Brown espresso coffee

Dark espresso brown is the trending hair color of the year. Make her look beautiful and have deep charm.

ash brown

Ash Brown is a light brown shade of natural brown hair. This makes me look radiant and helps the face look younger and brightens the complexion. More halo too credit: pinkage_korea

Caramel Brown


Caramel brown hair creates a sweet and warm caramel brown look. Or Burnt Brown It is a brown tone that brightens the face. She looks radiant with the halo

Dark brown chocolate

Dark chocolate brown shade to almost black. But there will be a slight red tint. It is another beautiful hair color. Helps make the face look bright Enhance the look to look cute. And watch Soft Lamoon Credit: pinkage_korea

Simply choose to dye your natural brown hair to match your skin tone. Hair color will help improve your skin tone and make your face look prettier and brighter.

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