How to deal with anxiety in children with a sound sleep

How to deal with anxiety in children with a sound sleep


Do you and your child experience intense fear and unjustified fear before going to bed every day? From your point of view, it may be unjustified until you feel resentment which makes your condition worse together, but the fear of children before bed is very common and you need to know how to deal with it properly in order to free your child from this You know the causes of anxiety and treat it in children while they sleep the right way .

Causes of anxiety in children when sleeping

It is normal for your child to be afraid of the dark or the presence of wild creatures that may appear to him at night, but this can drag on him and affect the quality of his sleep and activities during the day, and there are several reasons why your child may suffer from this fear and it is linked to common sleep disorders such as: nightmares in children Also, kids with great imaginations are more likely to be afraid to go to bed because they think other monsters are living in his room and appearing to him. During the night; These beliefs can be caused by reading stories or watching terrible movies while sleeping all day.

Treating anxiety in children while sleeping

There are many effective ways that can help your child overcome this fear, but first you have to believe that your child is not spoiled and has reasons to be afraid. Learn about these methods as follows:

Understand the child’s fears

The first thing you should do is give your child a chance to explain to you what exactly he is afraid of and why he is afraid of these things, but you should know that children are naturally different, and your child can interact with you and talk about him with his fears and he may not react and does not want to talk, only then You should be patient and not make fun of him and his feelings.

Reassure your child that it is safe

You should not support and amplify your child’s fears, but you should reassure them that whatever their fears are by your side, and that even if they sleep alone in the bed, it does not mean that you are far from him, but reassure him. Being close to him and by his side at all times when he needs you, and if your child wakes up in his sleep, don’t bring him to your room, but go to his room and stay by his side for a few minutes. Until he falls asleep again, until he gets used to sleeping in his bed and thinks that his room is completely safe.

Horror movies and stories banned

This is one of the most important ways to treat children’s sleep anxiety because your child will watch horror movies and cartoons with brutal characters and read terrifying fairy tales before thinking about bedtime, so if these things have an impact it will be more than your child is, so you have to prevent him from the ground up, At least until your child reaches the age to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

Use the night light

If your child is afraid of the dark, do not insist on turning off all the lights while sleeping, you can use the lamp and leave the room door a little open to make him feel more comfortable and safe.

Building your child’s self-esteem

Activities throughout the day aimed at building your child’s confidence, personality and new skills will give him the courage to face bedtime fears.

Use his favorite things

There is no child who does not have a toy or something, find your child’s favorite toy and put it in the bed next to him as a companion to give him a feeling of safety and security.

When should you worry about children worrying about sleep?

When you try everything to treat your child’s sleep anxiety and your child still has this problem, it becomes a child anxiety disorder. Your child’s condition worsens and they somehow resist sleeping, talk about more intense fears, and have more nightmares. Your child may suffer from PTSD since he or she had a certain accident or situation that negatively affected his psychological state, you should consult a psychiatrist.

After all, treating children’s fear of bedtime is not difficult, but it does take some time and patience from parents for a child to overcome their fears and if you have any questions, 


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