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fringe haircut men

fringe haircut men


51 cool men’s hairstyle ideas  and techniques for choosing the right hairstyle for every type of man’s face

We offer you how to choose a short haircut that matches the shape of the face for men.
fringe haircut men But before choosing according to the hairstyle you like,  it is important to start with a haircut that suits our face shape first. Because the hair cut in the style  will help us style more easily than the unsuitable long hair.And although most men already have short haircuts … but what kind of hairstyle? This is suitable for our face shape today, so All Things Hair has a technique for selecting short haircuts to suit 6 types of face shapes for men as follows:

Long face hairstyle for men

fringe haircut men
fringe haircut men
Long face man  What is the best haircut? Long-faced men  You can choose to do almost any hairstyle, not unlike the oval-shaped face  but it differs slightly in that  hairstyles for long faces  side hair should not be too short. The hair on top is slightly longer. And strongly, but not too high or have  a bang  , it is good to cover the forehead. This can help make long faces appear shorter, but don’t forget to balance out the hair on the sides.

Side hairstyle

Side swept bangs  creates a diagonal angle to the face and partially covers the forehead. Make the face look shorter  if you keep a short mustache or beard like the Black Tie Scruff or THE 5 O’CLOCK SHADOW which looks elegant and cool. It will make the face look even shorter Credit:  asianmenhairstyles 1  &  2

Cut the pot

Shorten the length of your face by cutting the mushroom bowl. Or bowl shaped  yet chic looks.  Run the length along the front frame with bangs covered. It will fool the eyes and make the face look shorter Credit:  se__hyuk  ,  unionbarbershopstl

Oval face hairstyle for men

A man with an oval face  What is the best haircutOval face men  can choose  all hairstyles,  whether short or long,  the more appropriate  you choose  to open the forehead. Because it will help open the face to look brighter  , but in addition to the hairstyle that suits the shape of the face,  do not forget to take care of yourself.  Keep your hair and scalp  clean  and free of dandruff  as well, because even if you cut it, it looks good. Either if the hair is greasy or has dandruff. It can also make her look boring. Credit:  Pinterest

Slick men’s hairstyle

Handsome and elegant, following the trend of Korean men with a slicked back style using pomade to help with styling. Make an oval face look sharp and dark.  Simply chop the sides and elongate the top for a sleek, slicked-back ensemble. Or arrange them to look fuzzy and silly, they’re great in another style. Credit:  asianmenhairstyles  ,  @mens.haircuts

Faux Hawk Hairstyle

The Faux Hawk is somewhat similar to the Mohawk but is longer. On top, set the hair to point elegantlyIt is a shape that flatters the oval of the face to make it stand out. It is also suitable for people with thin hair because it makes them appear thicker. Credit:  asianmenhairs t yles 1  &  2

Men’s hairstyle for square face

Square man faces  high jaw line or high cheekbones  Which haircut is suitable? A square face  will make you look more solid and fierce than other face shapes, but the good thing is that it is the face shape that makes people feel confident and confident. His  face is often like this) But if a man with a square face  wants to look less aggressive or solid,  it is recommended to choose a hairstyle Short with choppy ends. To make the hairstyle appear softer and more fluttering  or if anyone is confident with their already dark sharp face, opt for  a short haircut that clearly opens the face. Let’s go. Credit:  Pinterest

Side swept with square part face hairdo

fringe haircut men
fringe haircut men

Unveiling the sharpness of the face in a clear frame with a side swept updo and a part hairdo. Unbalanced hair on both sides will make the facial structure look softer. Don’t let the focus be on the squareness of your cheekbones Credit:  @bbt33 ___ kaito  ,  glock_hair_service

Undercut hairstyle for men

Manly to the extreme with a hairdo that will help accentuate the charm of a sharp face frame. To become a highlight  by plowing the sides but the top is long. A square face from the cheekbones to the jawline will help it look slimmer

Round hairstyle for men

What is the best haircut for men with round faces and chubby faces? For men with  a round face  or  a chubby man  who wants the face to appear longer,  you should choose a hairstyle that adds vertical space to the face. Hairstyles with faded bangs  should be avoided  , and if you want to cut your hair, you should cut it. Avoid chin length hairstyles. Because it will focus on making the face look more round than before. Credit:  Pinterest

Pompadour hairstyle for round face

The round face shape makes the face fuller, like a full-bodied man, and the pompadour hairstyle reflects the classic, gorgeous look of a young man. The length and thickness of the hair being trimmed at the top. Helps add dimensions to the face to make it look longer. The pompadour is another hairstyle suitable for men with a round face. Credit:  slobisback  ,  jhonatamalfacini

Quiff hair style

Create a modern look in vintage cliff style with short side cropped styles. The top is about 3-5 inches long, set it high, perhaps along with curls for a sleek look. It is a suitable shape for men with a round face. With combing the height of the upper part of the hair,  we invite you to feel that your face is slimmer. Credit:  asianmenshair  ,  hairceps

Men’s hairstyle in the shape of a heart

Heart-shaped man  What is the best haircut? Heart-shaped faces have a broad forehead. And a long, sharp chin  is very small  . With a face like this, you should choose  a short hairstyle that helps cover the forehead to look narrower. Or keep the hair on the sides longer than the cheekbones. Not to make the top half of the head look too big. Credit:  Pinterest

Side part hairstyle

Guys with bangs look cute with a hint of warmth, especially the Side Swept Fringe style with bangs that are clipped to the sides of the face. It will help hide the wide forehead frame  and still look handsome

Parting hairstyle for men

Another hairstyle suitable for a heart-shaped face is round hair in the front like a comma mark, leaving a gap to reveal a bit of the forehead. This makes the upper part of the face look too wide and narrow. And you still get a korean oppa style that looks handsome

Men’s hairstyles for triangular faces

fringe haircut men
fringe haircut men

Triangular face man  What hairstyle should I cut? Triangular faces have a jaw line wider than the forehead, so if you want to balance your face to appear thinner, you  should choose a hairstyle that increases the forehead area and choose  a hairstyle with volume. A stay or stay  adds width to the forehead. But it is not recommended to cut the hair on the sides too short. Because it will make the jawline clearer than before

Long bob hairstyle

He sports a masculine look with the Man Bob haircut that compliments the diamond face shape. By loosening the curls  let your long hair fall to cover your ears. To hide the jaw line and the sides of the face  , cut the end of the hair, and move the gradient at the back of the head.  Look with volume  . It will make the face look soft and gorgeous. Credit: @the_kyle_style

Short crew cut

Exhibit the typical sharpness of a masculine handsome man. With a prominent triangular or diamond face frame with a relatively short crew cut,  the crest fade is  short but not short. Use scissors to cut out the layers. Make the head shape look more rounded  Style it up and look sleek and modern Credit:  im_a_barber_gurl  ,  myundercut

Choosing a hairstyle is like choosing an outfit. Because if we know how to choose what suits our appearance,  it will help encourage our personality to look better. So, before the next haircut  don’t forget to check which hairstyle will help our face look better.

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