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black brown hair color

black brown hair color


28 Ashy  Brown Hair Colors This year’s hottest hair color trend.

Ash brown hair color / Ash brown hair color

dark brown grey

black brown hair color
black brown hair color

This dark brown hair looks gray like this. It is a colour , though dark , but when sunlight hits a dull brown it will cast a distinct gray glow which is very eye catching and looks very expensive  Credit: 

Dark brown


Dark brown ash It is a color that combines brown and gray together. It is another beautiful, elegant and trendy color. It has become very popular because it is a very unflashy color and is suitable for Asian skin tones like us too  Credit: 

Pale greenish brown

This hair color is another color that belongs to the brown-gray family . But there will be a little bit of this pale green sparkle that will make the hair color look pretty and fun. It also enhances the aura to look more beautiful and expensive to another level. Credit: 

Smoky gray brown


Smoky hair originally in the range of gray hair tones, but when combined with a brown hair background. It will be soft brown. Which obviously glows gray after being made, feels soft and smooth. Because it harmonizes with the natural hair color of Asians  Credit: 

Light brown grey

black brown hair color
black brown hair color

But if anyone thinks the gray brown above still looks too dark try making it a light gray brown like this one. which will give beauty and softness as before but will have more shine thus making the hair color not look too opaque but far from elegant and looks futuristic  credit: 

Balayage is brownish gray


For those of you who don’t want to work this hair dye all over the head try adding some balayage effects. So that the hair has a mixture of light and dark colors. This is a technique that will help create a dimension of light and shadow so that the hair looks beautiful and expensive. It gives a natural fluttering feel  . Credit: 

Ombré grey-brown

This gray luster goes well with all shades of brown. Gray brown is a choice that never disappoints. Because Showcase Hair Color Dimensions looks perfect every time

Light brown grey

Light brown hair with a hint of gray of a neutral color. This is not too bright not too dull beautiful and suitable for people who like to color brown hair to see the color clearly but not too strong. The result is beautiful, shiny hair that can be used for every occasion.

Gray brown highlights

Normal gray brown hair is a color that was created to add dimension to hair to make it look lively. Add some flair by adding more subtle highlights to specific spots or balayage highlights. It will make your hair shine more

Olive green brown hair color

Olive green brown hair color 

Dark gray brown hair color with a hint of olive green, olive green or olive gray (gray mixed with beige) is a combination of olive green tones. It is indeed a dark green tone. Blend with natural or beige hair with shades of gray and brown. she’s perfect. Since the faded shine of green looks as gorgeous as velvet, this is another hair color trend from Japanese hair salons that is beautiful to try.

Hazel gray brown

Hazel Greige Gray hair color 
mixed with hazelnut gray (Hazel Greige) Gray hair color mixed with beige or nude, which is a light and warm color. When mixed with hazel brown like western eyes mixed with brown, dry bark, greenish gray and golden brown and earthy color mixed with slightly greenish brown hair color. It looks charming like no other. Suitable for layered hairstyles that reflect sparkle to look attractive.

mocha brownish gray;

Mocha brownish gray 

Milky mocha brown is a truly gray coffee shade when mixed with ash brown using the balayage technique. It is another shade that is an eye-catching variety of brown hair color.

Orange gray brown hair

An ash-orange brown hair color (
a bright, bright orange-orange tone. Combine with a dull hair texture like an ash brown. It will be a golden brown that glows in the sun in an odd way. A cool girlish look, but it also hides an avant-garde look

Pale pinkish-gray brown


The background of the hair is beige, grayish-brown, sweet-coloured, lavender-pink. Ombre technique, dark color at the base and light color at the end Show beautiful curls should shine or be exposed to light. Makes my hair look dimensional. charming in another way

Seeing the brown and gray hair trend so strong, I think many girls wouldn’t be able to resist changing their hair color, right? If you like any color then save the shade image you like. Then go and follow him

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