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hair breakage

hair breakage


What do I do when my hair is dry and split ends? Let’s get to know the causes and treatments for split ends.

Split ends make the hair at the ends look puffy and brittle and can break and fall out at the ends. Usually, the split ends at the end of the hair may be divided into 2 or 3 lobes and may reach 2-3 cm in length. The most common solution is to cut off the split ends. This is because if left untreated, split ends may continue to grow towards the roots and cause frizz.

But people who want or grow long hair  may not want to cut or trim their hair. In fact,  we may not always need a haircut. Sometimes proper maintenance  including avoiding and modifying certain behaviors  can help your hair regain its strength and health.

hair breakage
hair breakage

Split ends are where the hair at the ends splits into lobes. It can occur from the skin that covers the outer part of the hair. Or the hair scales fall out of the hair  and eventually frees the hair from its protective barrier.  Split ends tend to occur with dry hair. And hair that has split ends  cannot come back together again as it was before

Hair loss  is often caused by hair breakage while combing tangled hair. Including using hair styling equipment frequently. Heat  and make hair dry and crunchy  including not using hair cream  and different chemistry  these things cause hair damage. And eventually leads to breakage of the ends of the hair

What many people may not know is that there are 6 different types of split ends. Each type will indicate hair health and damage to a different level.

Split hair type

hair breakage
hair breakage

1. Baby spill

The first type of split ends looks split into two lobes at the very end of the hair (less than 0.5 cm), which indicates that our hair lacks nutrients. But the symptoms are seen in the early stages. It is still enough to maintain and maintain in time  by using hair conditioner after shampoo every time

2. split p

This type of split hair ends is similar to the first type, that is, the ends of the hair are divided into two equal lobes, like a “Y” shape, and the length of the split is about 1 cm. If you are back to nourish your hair intensely. It’s enough for me to have a chance to go back and look as good as before.

3. Taper

I split the ends like this.  The ends of the hair will not be divided into lobesBut it will become thinner, as if it was cut too far,  which is one of the same bad symptoms.  It indicates that the hair is severely malnourished. It can no longer grow,  maintenance is useless. The only better solution is to cut the ends of your hair.

4. Incomplete

Hair that splits from the middle  until there is a gap between the hairs. It can be seen when the hair is pulled together. Split ends like this will cause hair to fall out very easily. When combing your hair, you must be very careful. If anyone has split ends like this, it is recommended to use hair conditioner on a regular basis or if the hair can be treated, that would be even better.

5- Tree

I have split ends like this, the hair will split into many ends like a tree branch. It is considered that the split ends of the hair are very severe. Because my hair fibers are already damaged  the only way to treat split ends like this is to cut them off. Because my split ends like this can’t be fixed anymore.

6. Feather

The last type of split ends is feather-like, split ends like feathers. If you don’t cut it, it can cause more and more split ends in our hair. The best way is to cut the ends of the hair. Maintenance should be heavy. in addition to

hair breakage
hair breakage

The cause of hair loss

  • Split ends can occur for a number of reasons. 
  • Environmental conditions that damage hair, such as strong sunlight or humid air.
  • Brushing or combing your hair vigorously
  • Frequent use of heat on the hair
  • Chemical processes such as bending, straightening and colouring
  • Using products that are not suitable for your hair type
  • Lack of nutrients such as vitamins and proteins that are not enough to nourish the hair. These are all reasons that can cause split ends.

If not maintained properly  it may lead to split ends of the hair indefinitely. And so missing it  finally made my hair thin

How to repair and prevent split ends of hair

  • Avoid hot hair drying  appliances  A fan or hair dryer can be used on the cool setting. But if heat is needed,  use a product that protects your hair from heat before drying or straightening it, such as a  heat protectant hair spray.
  • Shampoo is recommended. Designed for split ends or damaged hair. The same hair care hair conditioner must be used  together  because most of them focus on ingredients that nourish and moisturize the hair. It is the main cause of split hair ends.  Some formulations also help close hair scales. Or helps add keratin to hair  that strengthens hair
  • After washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, use  the serum  or  leave-in to rub it in  from the mid-lengths to the ends of the hair. (Concentrate on split ends of hair) Because serums and leave-ins don’t need to be washed off, they are designed for hair conditioners. So it helps to nourish the hair for a longer period of time, plus if it is used before blow-drying. It also protects your hair from moisture loss due to heat.
hair breakage treatment
  • It is recommended  to douse your hair with coconut oil  or  honey, which have properties that help solve dry and damaged hair,  or  use a hair mask treatment. At least once a week  to help nourish the hair to be hydrated and strong. Don’t easily break or split ends
  • Being in the sun  Staying in a dry or windy place for a long time  You must use a hair cover or  use a hair protection method from the sun  such as a hair bun or braid to prevent hair from exposure to the sun for a long time or use products that protect hair from moisture loss.
  • Avoid harsh behavior on your hair, such as wiping with a towel or vigorously rubbing your wet hair. Combing or combing your hair vigorously  frizzy or tie your hair up tightly. For a long time
  • Eating a well-balanced and adequate diet is one way to keep your hair healthy. And no problems with split ends,  which can be seen   here. Food for healthy hair
hair breakage causes
  • If your hair is very dry and has split ends (tree or feather type), it is recommended to trim the damaged ends or cut them shorter. Because this type of hair is very damaged and difficult to restore. Hair problem areas  or a short cut will allow you to take better care of and maintain your hair. In addition, the nutrients will better nourish the hair. Makes hair stronger and regenerate faster
  • For girls with problem hair with split ends, not so much. Or for those who nourish and lift long hair, it is recommended  to cut the tips of hair that begins to dry out or split ends  every one to two months at least.

In addition to avoiding the causes  and behavior  resulting in split ends  we must also protect  ready to use each product to suit the hair. To restore and protect hair regularly  by choosing shampoos to treat split ends, conditioners and treatment appropriate to the condition of the hair. To enhance the efficiency of hair care at the point and nourish the hair to be beautiful again.

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