Methods of weaning from breastfeeding

Methods of weaning from breastfeeding


Breastfeeding is considered one of the most important factors that build the child’s body, strengthen his immune system, and provide his body with all the nutrients he needs at this stage. Follow us, dear reader, for this article to start weaning to learn more about it. Methods of weaning from breastfeeding What is the best time to stop and when should it be postponed?

What is the best time to wean from breastfeeding?

Doctors always recommend that breastfeeding be maintained for at least six months of the baby’s life, after which some solid foods can be gradually added to their diet and continued breastfeeding until the age of one year.

The decision to wean is usually a personal one and varies from mother to mother: some babies are still weak or need the nutrients that breast milk contains in addition to solid food.

After the first year of life, the baby can consume many types of solid foods, which greatly help in supplying the mother’s milk with nutrients, and the mother can then start weaning.

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What are the methods of weaning breastfeeding?

There are many ways to start weaning, including:

Reduce breastfeeding slowly

Night feeding is often the most important thing for a baby, so day feeding can be reduced gradually by reducing the number and quantity.

calm the baby

When weaning begins, an introduction to the breastmilk substitute begins to cry and demands more of it. Then you need to calm them down by cuddling them tightly, talking to them, or singing to them.

use movement

One of the methods of weaning from breastfeeding is the use of movement during breastfeeding, and this can be done by holding and walking.

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Distraction method

One of the main methods of weaning is a distraction from feeding, where the baby may be distracted by some of his favorite toys, the introduction of his favorite solid foods, or eye contact through some programs that may attract his attention.

Increase interest in the child

The baby needs a lot of attention during the weaning stage, and one of the ways of weaning from breastfeeding is for the mother to maintain physical contact between her and the baby and to continue to communicate with them through touching or cuddling to prevent them from doing so. I have a feeling that many differences suddenly appear.

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What time is weaning?

Weaning can take days, weeks or months because it varies from mother to mother and baby to baby, and there are mothers who can wean their babies from breastfeeding in the morning but still nurse a little at night.

The mother must know that the stage of weaning requires a lot of patience and that the child needs time to get used to not being breastfed again.

You should also know that the order should not be imposed suddenly on the child and that he should be physically prepared for it.

Finally, after I met you about the ways of weaning from breastfeeding and what is the duration of weaning and the appropriate time to start this step, you should know, dear reader, that breastfeeding, no matter how mixed your feelings are, is important to him. Your baby needs to be abandoned and little by little until your baby can eat it, we wish you health and wellness.


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