Iron tablets .. how much do you need? What are the symptoms of iron poisoning?

Iron tablets .. how much do you need? What are the symptoms of iron poisoning?


Iron is one of the most important minerals for the body and plays a key role in the formation of red blood cells that carry oxygen. You can get iron from foods and supplements. If it is not obtained from food, you should take iron. Iron pills or what is known as iron supplements, can anyone take iron pills in an amount? What are its benefits and effects on the body? We will get answers to these questions in this article, dear reader, so follow us.

What is the importance of iron tablets?

Iron supplements are commonly used for certain types of anemia. Anemia can cause fatigue and other symptoms. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms, the first thing to do is to consult your doctor before taking any iron tablets or any other dietary supplement.

Iron supplements are often prescribed to treat anemia caused by:

People at risk for iron deficiency are:

  • Infants and young children.
  • teen girls
  • pregnant woman.
  • Certain health conditions lead to chronic heart failure paralysis.
  • He has Crohn’s disease .
  • Celiac disease and ulcerative colitis .

Daily Iron Requirements

The daily amount of iron you need is determined by including food sources and other supplements you take, and the recommended amounts are as follows:

Babies from 7 to 12 months old11 mg
Children 1-3 years old7 mg
Children from 4-8 years10 mg
Children from 9 to 13 years old8 mg
Women 14-18 years15 mg
Female 19-50 years old18 mg
Women 50 years and over8 mg
pregnant27 mg

Breastfeeding under 19 years old

Breastfeeding from 19 years old

10 mg

9 mg

Men aged 14-18 years

Men aged 19 and over

8 mg

11 mg

Iron overdose

Iron is toxic in high doses. For adults and children 14 years of age and older, the upper limit for safe iron intake is 45 mg per day. Children under the age of 14 should not take more than 40 mg per day.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that breastfed infants 4 months of age and older should receive 1 mg of iron per 1 kg of body weight, up to the introduction of iron-containing complementary foods such as iron-fortified baby food and cereals, but a combination of this formula Milk contains 12 mg per liter of iron that a child needs up to one year of age.

Iron side effects

  • In normal doses, iron supplements can cause stomach upset, stool changes, and constipation.
  • Iron can interact with many different medications and supplements, including antacids , proton pump inhibitors, some antibiotics, and calcium. Be sure to tell your doctor about all kinds of medications and supplements you’re taking.
  • Iron overdose is a common cause of poisoning in children and can be fatal. Signs of an overdose include excessive vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal cramps, pale skin, fingernails, and toenails, and weakness. In this case, emergency care should be sought immediately.

And now, dear readers, after knowing the benefits of iron tablets and the dose of iron needed for the body, as well as the dangers of overdose  .


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