Benefits of vitamin C for weight loss – medical information for every day

Benefits of vitamin C for weight loss – medical information for every day


Obesity not only negatively affects daily activities, but also affects a person’s mental state and can affect their self-esteem. The ways that make its effectiveness questionable is through the use of vitamin C, so let’s get to know the benefits of vitamin C for weight loss as its main source.

Benefits of Vitamin C for weight loss

Some studies have shown the possibility of an association between vitamin C levels and body mass, with results showing that people with adequate levels of vitamin C can burn fat at up to 30% higher rate, up to 30% with moderate training compared to people with ratios. Less because they resist the fat loss process.

According to some studies in mice, lemons may contribute to weight loss due to their polyphenols and other antioxidants, which also help improve insulin resistance, and in general, more research is needed to confirm the results in humans.

There are also some people who use vitamin C injections to lose weight! However, this procedure has not been approved specifically for this purpose by the US Food and Drug Administration, so you should consult your doctor.

Symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency

There are some symptoms to look for as indicators of a vitamin C deficiency, including:

  • Inflammation of the skin and the appearance of signs of dryness and skin damage sometimes.
  • Some people may notice redness of the hair follicles or the appearance of spots and lines on the nails.
  • Some may also notice bruises on their bodies.
  • Difficulty healing wounds.
  • Swelling and joint pain.

Vitamin C sources.

Before getting to know the most important sources of vitamin C for your body, it is important to know that the recommended daily percentage of vitamin C for men is 90 mg and for women 75 mg from the following foods (one cup):


  • Guava provides about 628% which exceeds the daily requirement.
  • Kiwi provides 273%.
  • Oranges save 160%.
  • Delicious strawberries save 149%
  • papaya save 144%
  • Lemon can save 187%
  • Lychee fruit provides 226%


  • Sweet red pepper is rich in vitamin C and provides 317%
  • Broccoli provides 135%
  • Parsley provides 133%

It is important to know that eating these fruits and vegetables in their raw form or without exposure to heat is the best option, as vitamin C is negatively affected and loses its effectiveness when exposed to heat.

You should also know that skipping the daily percentages or the maximum dose of 2,000 mg of supplements will not help store these percentages in your body, but your body will get rid of them and even cause you some side effects including diarrhea and may affect it. Kidneys, which can lead to stones, and if you do certain types of tests, exceeding 250 mg may affect the results of the analysis! Therefore, you should stop taking the nutritional supplement two weeks before the test or consult your doctor and tell your doctor.

In the end, dear reader, it is important to have a varied diet and to include vitamin C in your diet, and you can get it easily from the food sources we mentioned 


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