Protein supplement and protein food supplement for weight gain

Protein supplement and protein food supplement for weight gain


Although there are many who suffer from obesity, there are others who suffer from excessive thinness and weak body. Hence, they are looking for ways to help them gain weight including proteins because it is one of the nutrients that the body cannot do without. Follow us, dear reader, to learn more about the best protein for weight gain , what protein supplements can be used, and what are the reasons for losing weight.

What are the causes of excessive thinness?

There are many reasons that can lead to excessive thinness and less weight than usual, including:

high metabolic rate

Some people experience a high metabolic rate which results in burning high calories, resulting in a thinner body regardless of what they eat or their large meals.

High level of physical activity

Before you get to know the best protein for weight gain, you should know that there are some people who exercise intensely.

In addition to daily physical exertion, this increases metabolism and burns calories.

Some health problems

There are people with one or more medical conditions that lead to weight loss for some time, but with chronic cases, the thinness may persist.

It also leads to some health problems such as hyperthyroidism, cancer and diabetes.

In addition, depressed patients suffer from loss of appetite and this leads to rapid weight loss, and it is preferable to consult a doctor regarding medical conditions.

What is the best protein for weight gain?

There are many foods that contain lean protein that will help you gain weight, including:

red meat

Eating lean red meat will help you gain weight because the protein in red meat helps build healthy muscles without fat.

Steak contains leucine and creatine, which help increase weight and build and strengthen muscle.


Salmon is high in protein that is important for the body, in addition, it contains 240 calories, which makes it a good food for weight gain.

Salmon is also good for heart health because it contains omega-3 and some other vitamins that are important to the body.


Eggs are one of the best proteins for weight gain because they are high in protein along with healthy fats and some other important nutrients like phosphorous in the yolk.


Cheese is a light food rich in nutrients such as fat, calcium, protein and calories, so a person who is trying to gain weight is advised to eat full-fat cheese.


Full-fat yogurt is one of the foods rich in protein and calories that helps in weight gain, but it is best to avoid sweetened yogurt.

What are the protein supplements that help with weight gain?

Now that you know the best protein for weight gain, here are some protein supplements that will help you gain weight:

  • Casein protein powder.
  • Creatine protein shake.
  • A protein powder made from several amino acids.

Finally, after getting to know each other, the best protein for weight gain , you should talk to the doctor about the doses of protein that will be taken so that the person does not develop allergies or be under medical supervision when taking nutritional supplements, and we wish you continued health and wellness. luxury.


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